70 thoughts on “User Profile Synchronization Service–Hangs on Starting (I fixed it!)

  1. ms

    Wow, thanks for posting this.

    However, Microsoft is really heading down hill with issues like this. Drupal, and other CMSs are ready to eat their lunch. I find that time and time again I am completely lost trying to solve these issues, despite being involved in microsoft windows development since its inception.

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  4. Thanks, your article saved me!

  5. Orna

    It seemed very promising but we ended up with the same problem :(

  6. Hi,

    thanks a lot for your posting. In my case it was also a development environment, but it was already used for some Workflow and thats why User Information was necessary.

    However, the UPSS was always “starting” it with your help it running now, finally :-)


    Plug ‘n Play Branding for SharePoint 2010 >> http://www.nextflow.at

  7. Sean

    I certainly have this issue and this looks very handy

  8. Vinay Jadon

    i read it but still i am facing the same problem…..Service got stuck at STARTING….please help

  9. Phani Kumar

    I opened compmgmt.msc and under groups I cannto find these



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  11. Mossguy

    Finally! A post that actually steps you through the fixes. I’ve read a dozen postings on this but yours is the only one that actually worked. Thanks so much…

  12. Jakub

    I wonder someone can insert anonymous user into local administrators group…… It is suicide

  13. Dhiamn Halder

    Thanks so much for this post. my services started well but I am unable to get into the manage service application I created.

  14. Mohamed

    Hi My sharepoint server is the domain controller, how to set authentication for IUSR in this case.

  15. Adam

    Thank you very much worked great.. Great help..

  16. sharedreamadmin

    Is it a good idea to add user account in the Adminitrator group?

  17. Rahul

    Thanks you saved our time. we also faced the issue with dev desktops.

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  19. Dennis

    You always talk about “the service account”. Which service account? The account running the app pool of the user profile synch? The farm service account?

    • SSingh

      I have the same question. Which service account? App pool identity for UPS? or the farm service account?

      • To verify what Service Account you need you can do the following:

        Central Administration > Security > Configure Service Accounts:

        In the Configure Service Accounts window look up the account registered with the Windows Service – User Profile Synchronization Service.

        That account should be used.

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  21. Great info. Helped me fix.

  22. Amit

    Bill, Thank you so much for sharing the steps. It really helped me out.

  23. aaa

    thank you!!

  24. Swati

    Thank you..It worked after I did system restart.

  25. Bill:

    I had this on a development environment and tried the IISRESET. Before starting on your steps, I noticed one difference in my scenario was that the FIM security groups were not present on the server which led to this article:


    Since I had already done the IISRESET, I tried the server restart but did not get the FIM groups to show up, and the service still showed in STARTING mode in Services on Servers.

    So I decided I would go down the path of your article before completely backing out. First was stopping the service, checking IIS authentication and required security groups. I decided to look and see if the FIM groups showed up and they had… but with no users assigned. Then I deviated (gut directed) to try to re-Start the Profile Synchronization Service in Central Admin before finishing your prescribed steps of creating another UPS Service……….. and it completed the process successfully!

    Thanks for the great post!!!
    Bill C.

    • Ofer Gal

      I do not see any FIM groups.
      Does it have to do with the fact that my My instalation is on windows 7?

      I had all this working before I reinstalled windows

  26. Jeff B.

    Thanks for this information… almost a year since you posted this and it’s still helping us all out.
    Well done Bill!

  27. Dmitr P.

    THX a lot! u saved my ass today!))

  28. rachealztzz

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  29. Ofer Gal

    Where did you get the cmdlet “Get-SPServiceInstance” from?
    I get error:
    The term ‘Get-SPServiceInstance’ is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, function, script file, or operable program. etc…

    • Adam

      To access the Get-SPServiceInstance cmdlet, you need to run Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Management Shell, found under SharePoint Products folder. Or put it in a script and reference the Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell snap-in.

    • Double check that you are running the SharePoint 2010 Management Shell with Administrator rights.

  30. After spending/wasting 2 days to get the User Profile Synchronisation Service started I found this article. I followed it (except the re-creation of the new user profile service application) and this solved my problem.

    The User Profile Synchronisation Service was no longer stuck in Starting mode and is now in Started mode.

    It was a glorious day which shall be treasured on in my family.

    • Bill Daugherty II

      This was very nice!!! Glad I could help you spend time with you’re family.

  31. Art

    Excellent presentation and great information,


  32. Paul

    This was fantastic, THANKS BILL! Exact same situation as a previous post, I was working on this issue for two+ days, following every blog known to man, when I happened upon yours, then got things up and running in 20 minutes. It’s actually quite sickening thinking back :-)

  33. Ariel

    Nice stuff, saved me from starting over with my last VM snapshot…

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  35. SR

    I am having this issue
    UserProfileApplication.SynchronizeMIIS: Failed to configure ILM, will attempt during next rerun. Exception: System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Cannot find the object ‘DeleteInstance’, because it does not exist or you do not have permission.
    Please help

  36. Sathyanarayanan.AV

    many thanks

  37. Jan

    You have my gratitude.

  38. Danny

    Hi there, Great post BUT I’m being really stupid, I don’t understand one of the steps and don’t want to make anything worse:
    it says ‘Click the specific user, then enter “IUSR” > Add IUSR to the specific user account’.

    I must be going mad but that dialogue doesn’t have an interface to add anything to anything. Should I be clicking on ‘set’ and putting in the user-prof-sync-service account user and pass, will that replace the IUSR user in that bit or something? Or perhaps its that that dialogue box doesn’t normally show IUSR in it already (mine does) and most people need to add that in there. Or perhaps that bit, that phrase I quoted, isn’t really a step where one actually does anything but is just for information – but it does look like an instruction ‘Click the….’ I guess ‘specific user’ must be either the IUSR account or the user-prof-sync-service service account.

  39. Ahmed Eldesokey

    Nice Article, you made my day :)

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  41. Veronica

    Worked for me as well!

  42. Prajith

    Perfect workaround. Your solution was a big life saver for me.Appreciate your efforts.

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  44. Good article. I will be dealing with a few of these
    issues as well..

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  46. mollie


    We also experienced the issue on UPA synchronization stuck on starting status and we contacted Microsoft Premier support. They did remote access and resolved all the issues. So I’m sharing on his summary report on what he has done.

    1. Use below command to stop(Unprovision) UPA service application:
    Get-spserviceapplication (to find the id of UPA)
    $upa = get-SPServiceApplication –Identity “id of UPA”
    • Go to services and check if the FIM services are stopped automatically (Forefront Identity Manager Service, Forefront Identity Manager Synchronization Service)
    2. Checked job definitions, found a one-time job stuck there which is related to UPA. Then we followed the steps below:
    • Stopped SharePoint timer service on app server (Start -> Run -> services.msc)
    • Cleared configuration cache on app server
    (Go to a folder similar to this C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\SharePoint\Config\9756b02c-f262-4ed5-9f13-5af26394ba35 and delete all the trails, then open up cache.ini file and change the value to 1)
    • Deleted the one-time job from Central admin -> Monitoring -> review job definitions (ProfileSynchronizationSetupJob)
    • Restarted SharePoint timer service
    3. Use command to start UPA $upa.provision(), wait for a few minutes
    • Go to services and check if the FIM services are restarted automatically (Forefront Identity Manager Service, Forefront Identity Manager Synchronization Service)
    [Results] UPA synchronization service is up and running.

    Hope above helps, I tried to add in some details in addition to Microsoft’s summary report.

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  50. Jake

    Followed this guide and it ended up working perfectly! Many thanks for your time in creating such a guide :-)

  51. I don’t see the need to create a new UPA if all your permissions are correct. Am I missing something?

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  53. Pexter

    Excellent write up – excellent post! Saved my hide after many days of trying to fix this.

  54. Biplob

    It Work for me without creating new profile.

  55. swapnil

    I am getting the folowing error while trying to start User Profile Synchronization Service
    ILM Configuration: Error ‘ERR_CONFIG_DB’.

    • azhar ali buttar

      You must have administration rights on SQL server database for the user which is starting the service.

  56. azhar ali buttar

    I followed under given URL which saved lot of my time. It is a very detailed article which also provided information about the user registration on Active Directory too. Hope this might help someone else to same few minutes.

  57. Not working. I have tried everything step by step, But still same issue bro

  58. Kashif Saleem Bhinder

    Thanks a lot. issue resolved by following your steps.

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